Average Salary of a Corporate Lawyer in the USA market

Average Salary of a Corporate Lawyer in the USA market

The lawyer title is obtainable by years and years of hard work in a college, and it’s one of the most important careers for the integrity of not only the USA, also of every country of the world. Can you imagine the world without lawyers? It would be a really chaotic world, without justice and plenty of people with power doing bad actions out there.

Fortunately, the world is under control thanks to this beautiful and important career that many people takes seriously, and put their hearts on it, in benefit of justice. Having said that, you and probably everyone who is reading this, are thinking that a Lawyer has to have a really good salary, as engineers, doctors and many other important careers for the society, and the average salary of a corporate lawyer is one of them.

You are going to be surprised with the salary of a Lawyer, specifically the average salary of a Corporate Lawyer.

The importance of a Corporate Lawyer.

Unlike a common Lawyer who protects everyone who hire him, a Corporate Lawyer focuses in transactions and contracts for business (95% of the times). These professionals are prepared and have an extensive knowledge of laws applied to businesses operations, the most common practices they do are contract negotiations, code compliance, bankruptcy, and many others problems that a business may face in the road.

The importance of a corporate attorney is superlative in our days, not only for giant corporations, the small business can take advantage of an attorney in plenty of situations. They can help and counseling for the best legal frame for any business, giving the necessary advice and practices to keep everything legal and prevent you to be scammed or wrong accused of something.

Average Salary and Market Condition for a Corporate Lawyer in the USA.

The average salary of a corporate lawyer is pretty high actually, many studies have shown that the average salary is around 95.000$ per year. Even more interesting, there are a bunch of them earning more than 175.000$ per year, and those facts make it not only of the best salaries of the USA, rather of the whole world.

The lowest salaries are between 55.000$ and 60.000$ per year, and this is something incredible bearing in mind that some of those lawyer earning those ‘’lowest salaries’’ are earning more than any other career in the first year.

The experience is critical in this career, 36% of the corporate lawyers have 1-4 years of experience, and meanwhile those who earns more are those who have more than 20 years of experience.

The Corporate Lawyer market is highly influenced by men, 68% of the attorneys are male and 32% are female. In job satisfaction matters, it seems that every corporate lawyer has huge happiness across his career, being one of the happiest and satisfactory careers in the USA.

Corporate attorneys who are in the Corporate Paralegal branch are the lowest paid, with an average of 55.000$-73.000$ per year. The attorneys that earn more are the Senior Counsels by earning huge numbers of 145.000-205.000$ per year.

Conclusion: Are the Corporate Lawyers’ salaries good enough?

The average salary of a Corporate Lawyer is good enough because it’s one of the highest paid careers in the USA market, only a few of them can earn more money than them.

Its importance for the economy and the wellness of the USA’ market is superlative and the corporate attorneys are rewarded with huge salaries along with a huge satisfaction when it comes to their careers.