Bodybuilding For Women Is Still Prejudiced Against

Bodybuilding For Women Is Still Prejudiced Against

Bodybuilding is known worldwide for healed and defined bodies. Initially dominated by men, the practice is gaining adherents since the 1970s in Brazil, this audience was renewed after the emergence of muses fitness as Bela Falconi Angela Borges and Sayuri Torres.

Divided into categories, female bodybuilding requires a lot of energy and discipline. The Bikini and Wellness categories are lighter and also the most disputed, in which women without as much muscle definition display their bodies healed. The other two categories, Body Fitness and Women’s Physique require more muscles – shoulders should be wider, with strong arms and 0% fat.

For those who want to start in bodybuilding (another name for bodybuilding), the first step is to seek qualified professional (sports nutritionist and personal trainer) so that there is the necessary orientation and body be preserved injuries. The law student Pamela Sette, 30, is dedicated to the activity a year ago. She says that after pregnancy gained much weight and decided to start working out. “I’m lucky not to have injured me, because when I started doing weight training, did not seek guidance and some now see how this is essential.”

Pamela managed to lose weight, but was not satisfied. “I realized I did not just want to be thin. I wanted to have a nice body and I started researching and reading about the sport. It was then that I fell in love. “She says that at first. It was a shock: required much effort and dedication to learn how to eat well and understand the importance of training. Since then, the bodybuilder’s Wellness category is 100% delivery to build the perfect physique.

The coach of bodybuilding Andrew Torres works with athletes for seven years and says his focus is on women because of the dedication that only they have. The personal trainer explains that the sport, though very demanding, is totally healthy, because, in addition to exercise, control the power and sleep. Alcoholic beverages, not thinking.

Diets fail to be periods of exception and become routine. “Sometimes girls feel the need to eat something different and when the championships are over, they take a little lighter for one or two weeks, but the body itself does not accept already well-nonsense,” assures Andrew.

So, the coach points out the importance of having the accompaniment of a nutritionist – he will know meet the needs of each. What’s in common between all bodybuilders is focus on proteins. It can be beef, chicken, fish or eggs does not matter. Another important detail is to eat every three hours. So the pot is the company of all times. When it comes to training, Andrew adds: “It is necessary to work out seven days a week. Five times, with training of approximately 1 hour is ideal. And it is important to switch between weight and aerobic exercises. ”

In addition to standard

Jaqueline Leite, 31, is a sales consultant, participates in the category Bikini and tells how the sport changed his life. “Before bodybuilding, I was going through a very difficult period of depression. Maybe it was because it was close to reaching the age of 30 and the questions began to emerge, but the sport has helped me get over it. Bodybuilding eased many of my pains and I was getting better, which has been a great victory. ”

The prejudice against women in sport is still great. Many feel ugly. Jaqueline account that some friends away from the athlete when she decided to dedicate himself to the sport three years ago. “Often an outsider think it is something futile about looks only, but the beauty ends up being a consequence. There are quite involved self. ”

Pamela Sette agrees and adds that society imposes certain standard of beauty, but this does not mean that the woman loses her femininity to become a bodybuilder. “I’ve heard people say that I am ugly or like a man, but they do not understand that, for me, it’s lovely to have a turned and with everything in place body,” says the student. Next month, Pamela and Jaqueline participate for the first time a bodybuilding contest.

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