Change The Negative Feeling Gratitude

Change the negative feeling gratitude

Gratitude, comprehensively, is when we recognize the gifts that life gives us when we pay or recognition for an action or benefit received when we feel grateful and  thankful.

This feeling is accompanied by other nobles and also provides a state of positivism that creates confidence in the process of life for us to provide a sense of worthiness and consequent welfare. When we thank, we release the negative energy locks, the mind acquires a state of calm, the heart remains tranquil and got rid of daily tensions.

Such emotion as sublime makes us appreciate the blessings every minute of the day and even better, to realize other that we never noticed.

An important feature of gratitude is that it activates the law of attraction in a very peculiar way: the more we appreciate, the more we get to thank. The other day a friend made an interesting comparison. Imagine you Give the gift someone. If that person does not thank you, even for education; if she shows ingratitude, you would present again? I do not think so. And that is how the law of attraction and the universe work. If you give thanks for what you get, life gives you more and more!

Studies show that gratitude has the power to recover and maintain physical and mental health, as well as mitigate the negative feelings. With this, we can change the circumstances, because our view of the world changes. We begin to see situations more positively, our intuition sharpens and realize how much we are protected, supported and assisted throughout the day, throughout life.

But often we forget to thank us, but rather like complaining! I propose here a change of habit. We will make a constant gratitude and claim a rarity?

The litanies of complaints bring with petrification processes or crystallization of emotions or feelings, perpetuates the power of stillness and emotional inflexibility. Gratitude, in turn, brings fluidity, freeing us from the home of victimization prisons.

It is necessary to make gratitude a daily habit. At first, it may seem not spontaneous or forced, but remember that whenever we have acquired a new habit we need to go through this part so that it becomes natural. For example, when we see a baby who is learning to walk, we can see that it goes by leaps and bounds, falls, gets up, gets hurt, falls again. It is not natural for him to stand on two legs. As adults, it seems so obvious and so natural that not remember how much we were painful our early days in this new habit!

Every day when you wake up, thank the new day at his job, for his friends, for your family, for your comfortable and warm bed, the delicious coffee, for your health … Thank also the difficulties. This part is more difficult, however, try today, even if you do not. With each passing day gets easier. Thanking for our problems, we have begun to transform them into solution, favoring the awakening of our wisdom to deal with difficult situations. And besides, sometimes what seems like a tragedy now, later shown as the highest bliss of your life. Trust.

Below is a list to give that little help for you to become a human being more grateful!

15 steps to activate gratitude

  1. Enjoy
  2. Stop label
  3. Be optimistic
  4. Get rid of your past
  5. Avoid comparisons
  6. Be kind
  7. Be active and not reactive
  8. Nurture your relationships
  9. Forgive
  10. Avoid want to impress others
  11. If you commit to your goals
  12. Take care of your body
  13. Believe
  14. Dream
  15. If donate

And always say “thank you, thank you, thank you!”

This simple gesture will revolutionize your life.

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