How To Be Single And Happy

How To Be Single And Happy

Coming Valentine’s Day and every year is the same thing, on the one hand the lamentations, the indirect and the accompanied solitude, and set phrases about being single and happy. On the other hand rubbing the exposed windows in society face the joy of having someone to call your own, and so we take into the digital age, battles between x accompanied single.
The truth is that happiness walks alone , she does not need company or solitude, because she knows how to be. And there’s nothing more sexy and seductive than one person happy and settled and without many paradoxical problems.

Relationships come and go and help us a lot to improve. When you are in a relationship. you get to know yourself better, understand your preferences, has a company for the cold days and to exchange gifts: Christmas, Birthday, Valentine’s Day and all festive dates that fit reason for gifting.
Relationships are fantastic, even when they reach the end, we can learn a lot from each other, if we look at it this way, because the other becomes a counter point of mirror where her reflection merges with his will, and that mathematics even you know very well, you will have to evolve, learn to share and give up certain things. it’s beautiful the love and am always in favor of it.

But talk of bachelorhood enchants me. A single woman is capable of wonders herself. She can travel alone or with friends, you can dance however you want, with whomever you want, you can change a city, state, country.
She finds out what you really like and you do not want at all in your life. Do you understand your values, your freedom and makes issue of privacy. You want to have your corner and go around at any time in search of an illusion, something that makes your heart pound and your legs tremble.

A single woman has her millions advantage and when she comes to see, then it becomes the owner of themselves and the world is no longer huge sooooo precisely because it grows with the world, she explores everything that comes before him.
An independent woman, in order not to depend on choices , to give satisfaction to put the music you want to hear, to make you feel like, any time you feel you must, this woman is single yes, but because SHE wants because He has not yet found one who understands their freedom and want to make that freedom a reason to be together.
It turns out that love comes but one day. And he can charm, modify, cut dreams, ask each of them give in , feed the cloistered and bring together solitude, published in happy but as flashy showcases photos virtual .

Of course, love does not have to be as rebellious as well, and I believe it is not. I’ll tell you what I think, love is a feeling the two, accompanied by waivers, but waivers own, and not on behalf of another. Forego a trip for two, because he wants to go to Cuba and she wants Paris to give up their a relationship to two ideas, precisely because it is the two and must be a joint or individual decision and each can use its thoughts. It does not work like that, but for a moment it would be lovely to imagine the respect and consent freedom , and this freedom justify the solidity of a marriage.

The tip is, while you are single, make use of your feminine power, do what you will. Use your spontaneity and practice happiness where it is, because one time or another love will come and it can be fascinating too, but otherwise, in a way that his singleness can not understand, because being single is fantastic.

In this Valentine’s Day do not whine, do not throw indirect, does not abuse its alleged loneliness. Give a gift to herself. Buy a pizza, watch a movie, take a glass of wine or a bottle or go somewhere you feel like knowing it ‘s been a while, dance alone, without fear of what will say, worry-to be happy with you .

To be spontaneous and follow. Believe me, one day love comes, and it is beautiful, but you will always think: How happy I was! Do not wait, be happy now and every day.

Do not allow a relationship status combined with a commemorative date is reason to mourn and make your heart be sad. Relationships serve to help us evolve and become better human beings, but they they are not indicators of happiness, beauty satisfaction, loneliness or completeness.

In this Valentine’s Day and all others, follow the love of your life, put a very beautiful clothes, spend a wonderful lipstick, place jumping and buy special lingerie, look in the mirror and say, Let ?!

You are your gift! Believe in Love always, but put yourself first!

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