7 simple ways to make your computer Speed Fast like new

make your computter fast

You change the oil in your car every 10,000 kilometers traveled, going to the doctor for a checkup once a year, it makes cleaning the teeth every six months and in April makes the tax return is not truth? Or should, do not you?

So if you have responsibility in all these aspects of your life, why not do the same with your computer too?

Valerie Hall Little, owner of In tandem, a consulting firm in productivity based in Toronto says that “we can not see it (the problem), and if we can not see it, nor feel it, we will not know it’s there. ” Therefore, he advises everyone to give their devices a special attention, as a “checkup” year to ensure a smooth operation.

Check then the following 7 expert tips.

1. A 5-minute tip

If you are overwhelmed and only have a few minutes available, start with the easiest points to solve on your computer. To begin, clean the desktop of your system. “The working environment is not a storage area,” says Little.

When organizing or delete the files, you already start to feel less overwhelmed. Next to other areas easy to clean, how to empty your trash and clean up your documents and download folders are the following steps.

2. Delete some applications

Our world has become choked with excess applications created every day. According to Little, the 80-20 rule applies very well to these programs. “We use 20% of our applications 80% of our time.” That is, if you have not used a program over the last year, it is recommended that you delete it from your system.

Of course, each application must be assessed individually, but do not let programs unimportant Totem your machine. The software that came with your device, such as Notepad for example, is useless if you never really used it.

The same applies to smart phones and tablets.

3. Get rid of the actual waste

If you have a drawer or box full of old phones and cable, things you no longer use, now is the time to download them. “I’m a big supporter of electronic recycling,” said Little, who recommends taking the unused devices as well as cables and leave them at any electronics store that has a recycling box or directly into a recycling program your city.

For the “rat’s nest” to stay, it is best to label the cables, which will not only bring peace of mind when you need to look for something, as will ensure you will not lose them.

4. Do not fear for your photos

Since smart phones were invented, digital photos have become something so great that eventually choke your computer to death. Selfie each and every sunset occupy at least 3.5 MB of space on your system, if you store them on your PC or in the cloud. And while many online services give you more storage space than you will ever use, the challenge is to eventually find the great time to make your photo when you really need.

Little recommends that you organize your images continuously, not once a year. And if you use a desktop program like iPhoto from Apple or a cloud service like Google Photo, make sure to use dial features such as face recognition and GPS location data, as this will make it much easier later demand .

But if you need an annual reminder to keep your photos organized, Little recommends making a year-end album of your best photos and favorite memories. This not only forces you to organize it in an easy album to find later, as well as where you have a large physical memory.

5. Clean your social networks

Gradually reduce your list of friends once a year is a good way to make sure that is only getting more useful information on your news feed. Contacts of people who studied with you in seventh grade and you never spoke, delete! A page you likes to participate in a promotion, goodbye! Group of a company that you no longer work, cancel! “Keep your tight circle and relevant to you,” says Little.

Also, use this opportunity to review the privacy settings of your account. If there are a lot of old applications that access your information, unplug them from your account.

6. Do not detail your email

When it comes to fight information overload, try to keep the inbox of your email always free of clutter.

One way to achieve this state of “Inbox Zero” is to make a folder for each year and put all emails separated by them. So, name a folder as 2015 and select all messages last year and file it recommends Little.

This is about management of time than for message management. “You will spend countless hours trying to organize them,” says Little. Instead, use the e-mail search functionality to find what you need, when you need it. These programs are always improving your search skills.

7. Have a blast before he let you down

This last suggestion may seem a little “old school”, but it is preventing a total collapse of the computer, which is a problem that comes without warning. “If you realize that your computer started giving some problems and be a little weird, maybe it’s time to take it to an” expert “concluded Little.

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