Why Is It Mandatory To Freeze Your Lemons?

Why Is It Mandatory To Freeze Your Lemons

Never heard about freezing the lemon? Well that is fine because most of us do not have any idea about that. Most of us are unaware that if you will freeze the lemon that all the natural properties of lemon will be preserved and not only this but you can use the peel anytime you want. Simply freeze it and before use take it out and peel it or grate it.

Benefits of Lemon

Most of us are unaware that lemon works wonder for most of the serious complications like breast cancer. There is a special ingredient inside lemon which is called limonoids, which is known to halt the production of cancerous cells that are the cause of breast cancer.

Apart from this cancer combating ingredient flavonoids are also present in lemon.

Some Healthy Benefits of Lemon

Freezing lemon will retain all the natural constituents in lemon and it will also preserve the taste aroma and shape of lemons. So if you want to enjoy the tangy flavor of lemons then you must freeze it before using it.

  • Flavor Enhancer

Lemons are not only used to make lemonade but it is used it almost every dish you eat. Lemon has a tangy flavor which enhances not only the aroma but the taste as well.  You can use lemon in salads, soups, meat or chicken gravy dishes, or even over the ice-cream shakes and fries. If you are bored of eating those bored flavored food then add lemon juice to any dish and you will feel a burst of flavors.

  • Body Purifier

The use of lemon is not only confined to kitchen but medical researchers have proved that the chemical constituents present in the lemon are very useful in scavenging the harmful toxins that are circulating in the body.  Lemons are also called as body purifiers. So add as much lemon in your meal as you can

  • For Glowing Skin

Another health benefit of lemon is in beauty world. Yes if you have dull looking skin or you have acne marks then stop using all those expensive creams that are full of synthetic chemicals.  Use lemon instead. Simply cut lemon into 2 halves and rub one half over the acne marks. Do that every night for at least a month and you will notice a dramatic change in your skin tone. You skin will feel fresh and glowing.

  • Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Cancer Activity

Lemon is known to have anti-bacterial activity as it inhibits the growth of the bacteria and that is the reason it is used to treat acne which is caused by acne causing bacteria. Apart from this lemon is known to have worked wonder in halting the growth of cancer cells. Lemon also helps in maintaining the blood pressure; helps relieve stress and fight against depression as well.

All these benefits can only be achieved if the components of the lemon are preserved and which is only done if your freeze the lemons or else it will lose its properties