Romantic good night love quotes and sayings

good night love quotes

When you love, the only thing that matters are the beloved person on the side! Good night

Peace, serenity and tranquility! ° Thank you and feel your heart in the certainty of having done your best on this blessed day of today … rest and strengthen the faith, for beautiful joys are being prepared by God for each one of us!

Of serene soul and heart in harmony Receiving the peace of this beautiful night that comes to rest us, to strengthen our hopes and to renew our faith! Blessed Night Angels!

Every day is beautiful and full of peace, but the weekend makes us feel the fullness of rest and leaves us radiant with joy!

Romantic good night love quotes

Eternizing in the heart all the blessings that made us blossom on this beautiful day that says goodbye! Receiving the peace of this night that embraces us with the serenity of tranquility – Good night love quotes

You had a really bad day.
You did not smile all day.
But just a word, a simple word of who you like, to really have a good night.

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Listen to the sound of your peace … relax and tune into the serenity … thank you for today! Amen!

The night arrives bringing us the certainty that what was not possible today, could be tomorrow!
__ Good evening!

Do not lose hope! You never know what tomorrow will bring …
____ Good Night!

May God reach our dreams and make them come true!
___ Good evening!

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Thank you, Lord, for our day! May we have a blessed night and a lot of peace!
___ Good evening!

good night love quotes and sayings

Vanity and pride are the essence of fools and the fuel of the ignorant. Do not allow yourself to raise your head as protection to be untouchable, thank God and raise your head to show your victory.

Good evening!
Dear God, bless our night Take care of my friends, of my Family Lord bless every choice, every path traced and I know that everything that is true, will come.

“The night has come …
Mother serene, to pack our dreams …”

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The weekend is over. Tomorrow a new day, a new story awaits you, blessed be your victories and God in control confirming presence in each of them. May your week be blessed and full of joy.
Good evening!

Turn off the lights, light your eyes with the brightness of the stars … Some people have such a brightness that to light it, just wake up, open your eyes and let yourself be seen …
Good night.

The night comes and with it comes the insane thoughts that I have with you … good night

The night creates expectations creates emotions creates fantasies in the end you end up raising a child

Those who turn away, and worry is not god who is taking the delays out of his way!! Good night

“Give us Lord, to
see us always in our real size.”

“The Lord, who is father, mother, son and holy spirit,
give me the opportunity to choose my dreams before I go to sleep …”

“It’s when the sun goes down …
Night falls …
The stars sleep …
We dream!”

Good evening!
I wish for a happy and warm night, with peace and joy. May the Holy Spirit bless your life, your family, your home. May your dawn be blessed by God. May there be no lack of strength to fight and the will to win. May the Lord bless you, protect you, rest.