Top 7 Secrets To Educate Children Self Sufficient

Top 7 Secrets To Educate Children Self Sufficient

The celebrated poet, thinker and philosopher Cuban Jose Marti used to say that “Children are the hope of the world” . Maybe it ‘s not a very original sentence, but is correct. A child is a gift and drop a sea of the future. Therefore, it is important to educate them so that they are self-sufficient.

You are able to imagine a future full of people totally dependent from one another? Obviously, the fact that we live in society, interaction and solidarity are indispensable. However, they are also extremely important autonomy and individual responsibility.

The self-sufficient people are able to distinguish when you can face a problem alone or the time in which they need help from other people.  They are responsible for their actions and develop more wise and correct criteria. However, the best thing to do is to start working these qualities since childhood.

The benefits of children self-sufficient

Raising a self-sufficient child has a number of advantages and permanent benefits for the little ones.Thanks to the training received in childhood, the child will not only be full and happy, but can also develop a number of really useful values:

  • A self-sufficient child is more autonomous, so it will have a concept of itself higher.
  • The self-sufficient children demonstrate a higher self-esteem and healthy than unsafe, authoritarian, dependents, etc.
  • Self-confidence is really valuable to each of us. This is something that affects us from childhood to old age.
  • Maturing on track is important for development. This can be achieved by educating children early on self-sufficiency.
  • Fear of failure is a double-edged sword. You have to be careful, but also brave when making decisions. The self-sufficient people know this concept and often hit the roads chosen for their development.

How to educate children self-sufficient

Come on , without further ado, indicate a number of secrets that will serve as the basis for the education of children self-sufficient. You will see that are very simple activities that require just a little patience and persistence. Be sure that you will achieve great benefits in health and happiness of their children:

  • Small orders are a tool that develops the little ability to be self-sufficient. However, we must be consistent with the child’s age. Dressing Up, help with simpler tasks from home or help collect your things are very important activities according to the season. The difficulty should go up gradually according to their growth.
  • Responsibilities are also important for the smallDevelop simple guides to explain how to do things and supervise the process. Thus it will become aware of your environment, its limits and its own value as a person.
  • Obviously, whenever we asked for a child to perform an activity, we must act as guides and teachers. However, it will gradually perfecting his skill. This is the time to leave her alone.Thus, security in their abilities will be promoted.
  • No doubt, a child needs protection. What it does not have, of course, it is overprotection. As teachers and parents, we must make the most affordable tools for her to learn to live together in society. However, we need to let her try things, to absorb and face the challenges that are already able to cope. If we do everything for her, we are causing great harm.
  • We all make mistakes ever, especially a child. They are investigating and discovering everything that happens for the first time. So, this is the perfect opportunity for you to teach to learn from their own mistakes without losing patience that is sometimes put to the test.
  • As a society, we are governed by rules that correspond to an ethical minimum. Ie are rules that we should all meet for the proper functioning of society and whose violation is followed by a criminal punishment. The best way to absorb these standards to those that have just been introduced in society is precisely that these new members participate in social dynamics and can prove their real need.

You might find that the secrets to educate autossuficentes children are not at all complex. It takes patience and be persistent because children often lose focus and have little ability to pay attention.However, with care and perseverance you able to create happy and independent children.

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