25 things about Shakespeare that you probably do not know

25 things about Shakespeare that you probably do not know

Do you like Shakespeare? Even though the author of one of the saddest love stories of all time, Shakespeare is the most popular authors in the world. But that does not mean that we know everything there is to know about your life. See 10 facts about Shakespeare that you probably do not know.

1. Shakespeare on the red carpet?

The name of Shakespeare’s wife was Anne Hathaway, the same name of the famous Hollywood actress. At the time of their marriage, the romance was critical target because Anne was eight years older than the writer and was pregnant with her first child when they married.

2. A rich artist before he died

Unlike most artists of that time, Shakespeare was not rich and famous only after his death.His pieces turned him into a wealthy man and the 33 years Shakespeare bought the second largest home of Stratford, his home town.

3. Where are the bis-bis-great-grandchildren of Shakespeare?

Despite having had three children with his wife Anne Hathaway, Shakespeare has no descendants today. Your lineage ends with the death of his granddaughter Elisabeth in 1670.


4. Shakespeare or Shakspere, that is the question!

It is likely that everyone is wrong writing the author’s name! There are records of its signature be Shakspere, Shappere, Shakespeare, among others, but there is not a single record of the author ever have signed William Shakespeare, the version we use today.

5. A typewriter human!

In 24 years Shakespeare wrote about 37 plays and 154 sonnets, which gives an average of 1.5 pieces and 6 sonnets per year!

6. Give time for a cochilinho …

Shakespeare’s works often have to be shortened when adapted for theater or cinema.Hamlet, his longest workpiece, it would take more than 4 hours to be represented.

7. Shakespeare in Dictionary

Shakespeare was the first to write a few words that are still used in English. The famous Oxford Dictionary Inglês dicitionary attributed to Shakespeare over 3,000 words used in the English language today.

8. Ask written and performed by … Shakespeare!

Shakespeare did not merely write his plays and sonnets, he also represented the. His most important role was the ghost in Hamlet.

9. Someone offers a world map to Shakespeare.

Despite their pieces go as far away as Denmark, Italy or France, Shakespeare shows no great knowledge of geography and most likely never have come out of England. One of its parts refers to the sea of Bohemia, when Bohemia is actually in today’s Czech Republic, which has no sea in the proximity.

10. Soon after the Bible!

According to the Literary Encyclopedia, the works of Shakespeare are the second most cited works ever! Shakespeare is only surpassed by the Bible, which is the most cited work worldwide. Watch a romantic movie with the best Shakespearean phrases .


11.Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, without any sense.


12.Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, without any sense.


13.Over time, we hate what we fear often.


14.That love, blindfolded, find the way to your will


15.Who willingly gives off and separated from its substantial sap, just fading away forcibly and serving to deadly use.


16.I stopped like math after x no longer multiplication sign


17.Friends flatter me and make me ass, but my enemies I openly say I’m that way with the enemy (…) learn to know me and friends feel hurt.(Twelfth Night)


18.“There are more things in heaven and earth than the vain philosophy of men imaginable”


19.“When the child learns with his father, both giggle. When the father learns from the son, both cry.”


20.“Died thinking that
he loved her.
I killed thinking it was
Dominated by the selfish
made us see that not you
knew as
we should
, and your attitude,
demonstrated that not
knew the love.
Rest in peace.”


21.“The reason escapes all we can cause harm.”


22.It amazes me to think that with a story through Romeo and Juliet we could and still manages to overcome all difficulties and challenges, because love speaks louder in the end.


23.For I judged it fair and considered bright,
You who are black as hell and dark as night.


24.Never jump from a broken trampoline.


25.“The urgency of the time straightens many things to his plans, deciding sometimes in the worst moment, what an endless process had not been able to do it.”


I knew all these curious facts about Shakespeare? No, is not it? 400 years after his death, you can already tell that got to know a little better one of the best writers ever!


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