How to know PEPTO BISMOL for dogs is a safe home treatment for their health



Owning a dog as pet comes with so many risks and responsibilities one of them is to deal with their sickness that occurs oftentimes. There are so many drugs and medications have been made for humans that can prevent them from so many diseases. Just like we never hesitate to give our pup human food thinking it might be safe so why can’t we give him the human medication as well? When was the last time you see your dogs eating grass back at the garden or at lawn do you ever notice ever weird thing about it. After all he is a just a dog he can’t tell you but you have to judge him by his actions. Normally it is happen when your pet’s stomach is upset, when there some people had tummy problems they prefer to eat PEPTO BISMOL to get rid of the pain, so why can’t they work on your pet to make them feel better again.

But you need to be sure when it is the right time to give them you first need to consult with the veterinarian is giving the human medication is perfect for the dogs in treating their stomach problems.

For this particular reason below we listed some real facts about how to know PEPTO BISMOL for dogs is a safe home treatment for their health to help you understand what are the symptoms of it, how much you need to give him this medicine, are there any side effects involved in it, what causes its stomach in the first place, and when is the right time you should give it to your pet as home treatment.

  • What are the symptoms of it?

Most dog owners don’t realize that their pet is having some with their stomach, naturally dogs starting to eat grass to clear their stomach, if the situation is normal then it will cure the system but eating grass doesn’t do the job then there are some serious consequences going on here some symptoms of it such as,

1) Vomiting

2) Allergy

3) Diarrhea

4) Red eyes

5) Appetite loss

6) Coughing

7) Seizures

  • How much you need to give him this medicine?

PEPTO BISMOL is a drug that is useful for both animals and humans it is very much safe for dogs as well. It can sooth their intestine and stomach relieving the pain, but you need to give this according to the size of your dog. Only give him one teaspoon per 5 to 10 pounds in every 3 to 4 hours a day.

  • Are there any side effects involved in it?

The side effects are not very rare but there are minor changes could involved including,

  1. a) Skin color changes
  2. b) Tongue color changes (Dark)
  3. c) Having difficulty in seeing
  • What causes its stomach in the first place?

Usually it happens when you change his food because he is set with one food and his digestive system is responding well to it but sudden changing food of your pet can start mixing up things he remain healthy but his inside get disturbed so you need to keep dehydrated.

  • When is the right time you should give it to your pet as home treatment?

You can’t simply take and run away to the vet immediately, you need to keep his condition normal so as the pet parent it is your duty to consult to him and if he prescribes it then you can have the permission to give him PEPTO BISMOL because it is anti-inflammatory and is considered safe in every way.

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